CGF Computer Go Tournament, 2001

The 2001 CGF Special Meeting (Small Computer Go Competition in Japan) was held in The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo on August 25-26.

There were 5 participants. An organizer brought GnuGo as a guest in this competition. The results were

Rank Program   Wins Author

 1.  Haruka    5-0  Ryuichi Kawa
 2.  GnuGo     3-2  many
 2.  Katsunari 3-2  Shinichi Sei
 2.  Goro      3-2  Yasuo Oishi
 5.  Image     1-4  Yukio Tamura
 6.  Aya       0-5  Hiroshi Yamashita
Haruka 111115-01
GnuGo0 01113-22
Katsunari01 0113-22
Goro001 113-22
Aya0000 00-56
Image00001 1-45

note 1: Haruka beat Image by time out.
note 2: Katsunari beat GnuGo by time out. (Actually result was GnuGo won by 1.5 points)
note 3: GnuGo version was 2.7.256 (August 23 release version)

Individual sgf files are available from the blue cells in the table above. A zipped version of them all together is available here.

CGF Special Meeting Web Page (in Japanese)

All this information was provided by Hiroshi Yamashita.

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