Second Game Programming Workshop 9×9 Cup Computer Go Tournament

Hakone, Japan

November 7 & 8, 2008.

This event was 9×9 Go.

The account below is from Hideki Kato, the Director of the Tournament.
See also a Japanese-language version.

Ten programs from three countries participated. We changed our plans from a double round-robin with alternating colours to a single round-robin.

HappyGo withdrew after the fifth round due to critical bugs. MC_arc had problems with time control.

Date:November 7 and 8, 2008.
Place:Surugadai-gakuen Hakone seminar house Kounso, Sengokuhara 845, Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan.
Time:15 minutes


1MoGoArpad RimmelFrance4x3 GHz9MCTS
2AyaHiroshi YamashitaJapan8x2.6 GHz8MC/UCT
3Fudo GoHideki KatoJapan4x3.4 GHz7MC/UCT
4JimmyShun-Chin HsuTaiwanlaptop6MC/UCT
5DMCMatsui & NoguchiJapanlaptop5MC/UCT
6KKSatohiro KadowakiJapanlaptop4MC/UCT
7KatsunariShin'ich SeiJapanlaptop3Classic
8KIDS For IGoNozomu IkehataJapanlaptop2Pattern
9MC_arcNobuo ArakiJapan4x2.4 GHz1MC/UCT
10HappyGoYong-Ler WangTaiwanlaptop0MCTS ?

Cross Table

1MoGo -1111111119
2Aya0 -111111118
3Fudo Go00 -11111117
4Jimmy000 -1111116
5DMC0000 -111115
6KK00000 -11114
7Katsunari000000 -1113
8KIDS For IGo0000000 -112
9MC_arc00000000 -11
10HappyGo00000**** -0

Director of the tournament,
Hideki Kato

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