Ing 1985

1985 "World Computer Go Championship"

(later known as the "Ing Computer Goe Cup")

The 1985 World Computer Go Championship was held in Taipei, Taiwan. It was played on 9x9 boards. There were eight participants, including Bruce Wilcox's Nemesis, Allen Scarff's Microgo, and six programs from Taiwan.

The winner of the $2500 first prize was Won Roshee's Friday, which lost one game on time and won the rest. The name Wang Loh-Tsi is also given, perhaps as a co-author. There is some uncertainty about the name of the winning program, another source gives it as Dragon.

In second place, with a $1500 prize, was a program by Tsao Kwo-Ming. Its name is not recorded.

In third place, with a $500 prize, was Allen Scarff's Microgo.

Bruce Wilcox's Nemesis by participated, losing only to Friday and to a Taiwanese program that suicided.

This information was provided by David Fotland.

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