1986 "World Computer Go Championship"

(later known as the "Ing Computer Goe Cup")

The information below is from issue no. 3 of "Computer Go".

Here are the results of the 1986 Ing Foundation Tournament, held last Nov.11 [1986], in Taipei. Chinese names are given with the surnames first. The tie-breaking mechanism was not explained. We are indebted to Mr. Y.C.Yang, Secretary of the Ing Foundation who sent the results, and to Ms. Yik Wong, who translated the Chinese.

19 × 19 Computer vs. Computer

EntrantregionRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4totalplace
1 Du Gui ChongROC+7+4+2+54-01
2 Xu Shun QinROC+5+3-1+43-12
3 Wilcox, BruceUSA+8-2+7+93-13
4 Zaanfeld, PeterHolland+6-1+8-22-24
5 Huang Xiao FengROC-2+10+9-12-25
6 Wang Ruo XiROC-4-7+10+82-26
7 Liao Chao YangROC-1+6-3-101-37
8 Cao Guo MingROC-3+9-4-61-38
9 Zhang Sheng ShuRoc+10-8-5-31-39
10 Scarff, AlanEngland-9-5-6+71-310

19 × 19 computer v. human challenge (16 stones): Human wins

9 × 9 Computer vs. Computer

EntrantregionRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4totalplace
1 Du Gui ChongROC+8+9+7+24-01
2 Xu Shun QinROC+4+7+5-13-12
3 Cao Guo MingROC-5+11+10+63-13
4 Wang Ruo XiROC-2+12+9=53-14
5 Zaanfeld, PeterHolland+3+10-2-42-25
6 Li Du QingROC-9+8+11-32-26
7 Huang Xiao FengUS+12-2-1+92-27
8 Wilcox, BruceUSA-1-6+12+102-28
9 Scarff, AllanEngland+6-1-4-71-39
10 ??+11-5-3-81-310
11 ??-10-3-6+121-311
12 ??-7-4-8-110-412

[The last three lines are not given in "Computer Go". They have been reconstructed from the rest of the table]

9 × 9 computer v. human challenge (no komi): Human wins

The notes below are from David Fotland. They are not entirely consistent with the information above, even allowing for the problems of transliterating Chinese names to English.

The winner was Du, Kwei-Chung's program.
Second was Liu, Dong-Tue's Dragon.
Third was a program by Tsao Kwo-Ming from Taiwan.

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