2011 JAIST Cup 13×13 Go

Tokyo, March 8th & 9th

Rules: 13 × 13 board, Swiss structure (?), Chinese rules, (positional) superko, 7.5 komi, 30 minutes sudden death.


1Ayacomputer programHiroshi Yamashita
2blastcomputer programKazuya Shimokawa1st day only
3Ericacomputer programShih-Chieh Huang
4Goemoncomputer programNaoki Masuko
5Katsunaricomputer programShin'ichi Sei
6Many Faces of Gocomputer programDavid Fotland
7Nomitancomputer programJAIST Iida & Ikeda lab Nomitan team
8Zencomputer programTeam DeepZen
9Muramatsuhuman2nd day only

Cross table

o: win,   x: loss,   -: no match

6Many Faces of Gox-xoooox434
9Muramatsu (human)o-x--ooo41

Only the first four are placed. Aya and Many Faces of Go share the same win and loss counts but Aya won their game and so placed third.

An interesting point of this 13x13 Go tournament was the participation of the human players. Professor Marumatsu is a KGS 5d player. The games he played with Zen, Erica, Aya and Many Faces, etc., indicate that the playing strength of current strong Go programs on 13x13 is around 4d-5d. The only program that beat Marumatsu was Zen.

Game records

aya-erica.sgf aya-katsunari.sgf aya-mfg.sgf aya-muramatsu.sgf
blast-goemon.sgf erica-blast.sgf erica-goemon.sgf erica-katsunari.sgf
erica-mfgo.sgf erica-nomitan.sgf goemon-aya.sgf goemon-katsunari.sgf
goemon-nomitan.sgf goemon-zen.sgf katsunari-goemon.sgf katsunari-mfg.sgf
katsunari-nomitan.sgf mfgo-aya.sgf mfgo-goemon.sgf mfgo-muramatsu.sgf
muramatsu-zen.sgf muramatu-erica.sgf nomitan-katsunari.sgf nomitan-mfg.sgf
nomitan-muramatsu.sgf nomitan-zen.sgf zen-aya.sgf zen-blast.sgf
zen-erica.sgf zen-katsunari.sgf zen-mfgo.sgf

This page was written using information provided by Hideki Kato and by Shih-Chieh Huang ('ajahuang').
There is an official Japanese version of it.