The First Computer Go UEC Cup, 2007

The information, and game records, on this page were provided by Hiroshi Yamashita, author of Aya.

The UEC cup was held on December 1st and 2nd 2007, in The University of Electro-communications, Tyofu, Tokyo, Japan. 27 programs competed. (GNU Go also entered as a guest, so there were 28 programs in all.)

The first day was a five-round Swiss. The sixteen highest-placed entrants from the Swiss played in a knock-out competition on the second day.

The winner was Crazy Stone, Katsunari was second, and MoGo third.

Crazy Stone played an exhibition game against a human 5-dan player with no handicap. Crazy Stone lost (professional Go player Tei Meikou stopped the game halfway.) But it was interesting game. (The SGF file will be available on the official page of the event.)

1stCrazy StoneRemi Coulom (France) (Invited program)
2ndKatsunariShinichi Sei
3rdMoGoSylvain Gelly (France) (Invited program)
4thAyaHiroshi Yamashita
5thGGMC GoHideki Katoh
6thCarenKatsumi Kobayashi
7thShikouSakugoMorihiko Tajima
8thKinoa IgoGenki Yamada
9thRunGoHideaki Takahashi
10thGNU_arkTsujii labo (operated by Nobuo Araki)
11thMayoiGoMasaki Murayama
12thBoozerChihiro Hashimoto
13thmarthaIchiro Ujiie
14thGOGATAKIShigetaka Hisatomi
15thIgoppiKazuhiko Ariyoshi
16thboonKenta Sasaki

This information should appear officially on the

Zipped game records: first day, second day.
Record of final game between Katsunari and Crazy Stone, with a few comments by Tei Meikou 9p.

Hiroshi Yamashita has also provided pictures from the event:

Other computer Go Tournament results