The Second Computer Go UEC Cup, 2008

The second UEC cup was held on December 13th and 14th 2008, in the University of Electro-communications, Tyofu, Tokyo, Japan.

The first day was a five-round Swiss, with 24 players. The twelve highest-placed entrants from the Swiss played in a knock-out competition on the second day, in which they were joined by the four seeded players, Crazy Stone, Katsunari, MoGo and Aya. The full results are available from the 2008 UEC Cup official web site, in Japanese: first day Swiss, second day knock-out; and in English: general information, first day Swiss, second day knock-out.

In the quarter-finals, Crazy Stone beat agouti, Many Faces of Go beat Aya, Katsunari beat Gogonomitan, and Fudo Go beat RGO.

In the semi-finals, Crazy Stone beat Many Faces of Go, and Fudo Go beat Katsunari.

In the final game, Crazy Stone beat Fudo Go.

MoGo was knocked out by RGO in the first round of the knockout. It lost on time in a won position "due to the overhead of network delay (via KGS) and the manual input of the moves".SGF The games were played by human operators on physical boards with physical clocks, the moves (at least of some entrants, including MoGo) being relayed via KGS. Each player's clock was set to 40 minutes sudden death, the intention being to allow 30 minutes for thinking and 10 minutes for the time consumed by the human operators. The Mogo team in fact decided to allow only 25 minutes for thinking, and 15 minutes for time lost in other ways. But this was not enough: when MoGo timed out in the late yose, it had spent less less than 24 minutes thinking, the rest had been consumed by its operators (one running MoGo, and one in Tokyo) and by delays on KGS, at an average of over eight seconds per move.

All the game records are available for download, as two ZIPed sets of SGF files: first day Swiss, second day knock-out

Crazy Stone then played an exhibition game against Kaori Aoba, 4p, at a 7-stone handicap, and won by resignation.SGF The game has been described as "very beautiful". Crazy Stone was running on an eight-core PC.

28 programs competed, as listed below. Seeded (invited) players are shown in bold. Hikaru (Liuteria) by Hikaru Arai registered, but did not compete.

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